Monday, May 25, 2009


Darkness surrounds Kate as she moves through the night. Every muscle is on edge as she closes in on certain danger. Outside her home, she heard the pleading cries of a woman. She grabbed up her late husbands shotgun, and after dialing 911 raced through the night in search of the pleading voice. Nearing the edge of an alleyway she spies movement. Staying to the shadows, she finds herself ten yards from two attackers who have a young lady in their grasp. Shaking, she hollers a threat and raises the 870 shotgun. The two men release the young girl and flee into the night, as Kate helps the battered girl to her feet. In all her seventy years Kate has never had an encounter like this. But tonight, she was forced to be the hero to a fellow human being. The officer, first on scene, praised her for her bravery, but announced that the shotgun was not loaded. If the evil doers had attacked instead of running, things would have gone terribly wrong. Kate and the young victim hold tight to one another, and make a vow to find somewhere that they can learn more about firearms, safety and their function….

Tyra crawls through the tall summer grasses. Her tan, lithe body blending with the earth as she watches the ponds edge. Slowly, she creeps closer to her prey, four boys swim out in the pond... unaware of the predator who stalks them... or rather, their clothing. She cautiously retreats back into the grasses carrying their clothes and deposits them behind an old log. Her blue eyes shining as she moves with the contours of the earth, and out of harms way. She says to herself “ Take that you silly boys! That will teach you to make fun of my friends and bully others who are weaker than you." As she enters the edge of town, she talks to the local sheriff and tells him that she believes someone may have drowned in the old Millers pond.. Within minutes, the whole town is in route.... She just smiles and continues in the opposite direction... Yes, she decides, granddad taught her well... the ways of the hunt, no matter how stupid the prey…….

The hunter steadies his rifle on a log. His heart is pounding as he readies for the shot. His guide talks him through the shot and he watches as the majestic old bull goes down. Finally! he has done it! Three years, and thousands of dollars later, he's has finally taken an elk. His guide in these high lands, is the only reason for his success. Waking him early, locating the elk, calling the rutting bulls, saddling the horses and tending to his every need. Three hours later the bull is hanging back in camp, the horses are picketed out in the meadow and backstraps are on the fire. He finally finds the nerve to ask, "Are you married?" "No", comes her reply, "never found a man that could keep up". Somehow he believes her and keeps quiet while the fire burns in the cool mountain air……..

These fictional, yet possibly real characters, are just some of the kind of women who will attend the "Team Huntress" event put on by Jane Keller and her brother Dave Olson. Jane is an avid hunter and took her first deer at age fourteen. She is also a sign language interpreter and avid motorcycle enthusiast. Her finest accomplishments are her two children and her unwavering support of Women in the Outdoors. Dave runs Pheasant Phun Hunting and Recreation Lodge, and like his sister, he is an avid horseman, hunter and outdoor enthusiast. June 11-14 "PHEASANT PHUN" will host "TEAM HUNTRESS Adventure Clinic".. Where women from all walks of life can learn more about the outdoors, while enjoying fine dining, excellent accommodations, and true western hospitality. Ladies will be treated to a massage, facial, manicure and can even give yoga a try. Wine tasting, and camaraderie with other like minded women will be sure to please every lady who attends. Archery, firearms and outdoor gear demonstrations will fill the daylight hours while starlit nights beckon to even the most stressed out soul. Come to the vast South Dakota plains and find the Huntress Within. Every moment spent in this magical place will empower the outdoors woman. Each sunrise will find you that much closer to your Wild side, to your connection with the Earth, all while being pampered and treated like the lady you are..
Team huntress outdoor Adventure clinic is coming up soon...Contact Dave Olsen Phone: OR Jane KellerPhone:
I will be there, who else is coming ...Hawk

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