Friday, March 14, 2008


These days the focus of the hunting community seems to be BIG ANTLERS. For many hunters the quest for trophy heads had taken away from the true aspects of the hunt. I myself have fallen into this catagory, letting countless animals walk on by while hoping for a trophy animal. By doing this I have wandered away from the reason I hunt in the first place.I don't hunt for the bragging rights or for the measurement of the antlers ..I hunt because I am a hunter, and I enjoy the chance to match my wits against the animals instincts. Each time I enter the woods I make an effort to leave the wilderness as I found it, and always do my best to hunt in a sacred manner. In our quest for a harvest we should remember that proper game management requires us to take animals that may not be considered trophies by those who hunt only for huge antlers. And spend their time feeding each others ego rather than helping to ensure that the hunt will be there for the future generations.. The doe deer has the same senses as the buck and often has more refined senses while trying to rear her young in the wild places..I still hope for that giant elk to cross my path while hunting. And will not hesitate to shoot if the opportunity should arise, but will not hesitate to harvest any animal that is within my effective range. Hawk..a/ho


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, too many times people (men and women alike) get caught up in what other "people" have to say about thier hunting rather than what they are proud of, and they forget what impression that is leaving on the young hunters of tomorrow. You can't eat the horns.

Stacey Huston said...

You have a way with words! Thanks for sharing!

sky said...

Namaste' Mike, you know what is really wild? both you and stace could be taken and placed onto GQ magazine, Stacey Models Inc. and then also be transformed into these cover models for the wild wild west...

I don't hunt, and I have met quite a few who do however and they all tell me about their respect and such, but through their words and actions (the ones I have met) I did not see it as such to be honest.

SO it has taken a lot of openness to once I arrived here and saw your a hunter to sit here without pre-conceived notions and READ and absorb YOUR world, and journeys NOT from my belief system, but from anothers, and tis true you are relaying such with respect and honor for that world you choose to live alive in.

I thought if Stacey is married to someone they would have to have honor and respect that much I have come to just *feel* about her without having met her.

thank you for the window.