Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dark timber part 2

Since he was a pup, he has had a born hatred for the bruins of the forest. Hawk can only guess what horrors the dog has faced, He found him cowering along a swollen creek with the tell tale scratches of a bear along his side. Since then they have hunted many bears throughout these mountains and Scar has proven his valor repeatedly while in the heat of battle.
Smoke! Wood smoke, from a campfire drifts along on the afternoon wind as Hawk enters the grassy meadow. From the quiver on his back, he draws an arrow and loosens the thong on his hunting knife. The first thing he sees is the wagon. The canvas top torn off and the sideboards splintered into kindling. The camp looks as if a tornado has run through it, bedding and cooking utensils are strung everywhere littering the once pristine meadow with an unnatural filth. Scar is running through the camp, hackles standing on his back. The mustang is nervous also and smells something he does not like. Hawk dismounts and ties the gelding to what remains of the wagon and begins searching the camp.
Blood! It covers the grass fifty feet from the fire, from the looks of the crimson trail someone or something was dragged through the grass. Hawk is no stranger to death, he has seen death on more than one occasion, but the remains of Melanie Lucas will forever be stuck in his mind. Her once graceful body reduced to something unrecognizable. Hawk had known the Lucas family and had even worked for them breaking horses one fall. Mel fed him fresh apple pie and treated him very well despite his lineage. Her husband Jay was a good worker and an honest man to work for, always paying well for a hard day’s labor. Hawk found what remained of Jay along the creek. In the middle of the meadow, he found the remains of John Lucas.
Hawk spent the remainder of the day burying the Lucas’s and after saying the appropriate words over the graves he loaded their things back in the wagon so the relatives that would surely come up to retrieve their belongings wouldn’t have to see any sign of the carnage that had taken place here. He mounted the big pinto and set out for town to report the deaths to the authorities.


huntertrapper said...

someones gonna get that boar and i think its hawk. double lung 'em.

fishing guy said...

Hawk: The story is getting intense as you set up the plot. Keep it coming, I'm wondering how soon we will see the an encounter between these two who have become enemies.

Can we get some of Stacey's photos into the story? The music adds to the drama of the story.