Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Everyday life has a way of bringing me down. The rigors of work and the demands of parenthood sometimes put me in a bad mood, teenage problems, spousal arguments , bills due, etc. Survival for me in modern society dictates a break from daily routines, something about me does not allow for the stresses of life to linger. I find, or in most cases make, time to wander into the wilds, the wanderings could be in the back yard or a vigorous run through the mountains depending on the severity of the problems I need to work out in my head. I am not sure what it is about the natural world that comforts me, but the undeniable results of these stress relieving moments are amazing. I can be in the worst of moods, and feeling trapped by all the goings on and responsibilities life requires of me, and the simple act of sitting near a running stream or river can bring me back to the person I strive to be in this life. Why do we become so discouraged with the society we have worked so hard to create? Maybe in doing so we have removed ourselves from the natural world just enough that our minds , bodies, and souls crave the soothing touch of nature around us if only for a moment. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that we become more relaxed and aware when we enter into the quiet of a forest, or sit along the edge of a lake or pond. We lower our expectations of the world around us and therefore allow ourselves the opportunity to be less in demand from our responsibilities at home or work. I once worked at a huge log home manufacturing yard, the demands upon me were great, every day at lunchtime I had the opportunity to sit along the Bitterroot River and destress. In doing so my production and attitude were far superior to those who faced the same demands with no natural intervention. So next time you get into one of those moods, when the world seems to be closing in around you, try and take some time, at the park, in the mountains, near a stream, anywhere you can soak up the healing remedy for stress, the natural mood changer, Mother nature. If the world doesn’t seem a little better, the demands a little smaller, the day a little brighter, then you should probable stay out of the woods and go see a shrink.. Hawk a/ ho


Stacey Huston said...

I live with you... do you know a good shrink, I mean a REALLY good shrink?? LOL

fishing guy said...

Hawk: "Look unto the hills from whence cometh your help", the best I can do from memory. Thanks for the pouring out of your heart in this message of hope and revival.

I can have a tough day at work but a trip to the lake in my boat and I'm relieved of it all. I love to hear the honk of Geese or the squawk of a Heron. Nature does have a soothing effect. I saw two Osprey on wing last weekend which was wonderful.

Tom Sorenson said...

Something about nature that can smooth our rough edges the way nothing else can. One of the many reason I enjoy hunting - just being at peace with nature.

SkyNymph said...

And Hawk make sure my friend, that shrink gets out into nature too hahahaha, or I wuldnt trust a thing he/she said ;0) he he

Seriously, I think I was born in the wrong era at times, cause I am not much for all the modern tech. stuff occurring, I just can't keep up with it, and you know what I don't care to anyways, sometimes I am FORCED to which makes me even more rebellious against it at times.

Once upon a time man/woman were MUCH more connected to the grounds they tred upon, they touched life, and life touched them intimately. You had to get out there and EXPERIENCE survival, via hunting, gathering, shelter, making food from scratch, clothing, smells, sights, senses, we were ONE with our natural surroundings. We were intune with the animal world, and understood it's language, intuitively.

Now people can hide in their steel shelters, lose themselves in front of the t.v and fantasize about living another's life instead of living their own, stop at fast food places to eat on the run, and not create lasting relationships cause like fast food there are fast friends and connections available.

Passion becomes dead, when purpose dies.

Every day I walk out back of my land and sit in front of the lake here, and any problems I may be chewing on, become less of so, as I listen to the frogs croaking, birds twittering and late at night when I venture out owls hooting, and wolves howling.

Some have said to me sky how is it you don't seem to care, well that's not it, I CARE maybe about too much. I don't know, but I also BELIEVE and have faith that no matter WHAT happens, it will be alright.

I bide my time living in nature, and allowing it's lessons to overwhelm my soul, and know one day I will return to it in every way possible, for when the time comes in my life to leave, I will be called back and I will go. I will not lay in any old folks home, I will choose my time, time will choose me and I will follow , into the woods to be kissed.

In the meantime, I honor the blessings given. MIke I also want to say what I said to Stacey, thank you for being the man and parent you are to your wife and your children. Your raising future men who will get it, they have bear witness to the meaning of friendship, love, and respect as a whole towards others, and towards nature.

That can not be thanked enough! I feel so excited, it's crazy, when I see parents like you two out there, and two friends like you two out there, and I know another generation is coming that has been surrounded and embraced with genuine honor.



Sandy said...

Communing with Mother Nature is the best way I know how to melt away all the stress.

Anonymous said...

yep its what i do. nothing in mother nature wants to hurt you, it might, but not on purpose. good post mr hawk.