Thursday, July 9, 2009


An arrow slams into the warriors shield, the impact nearly unseating him from his horse. He quickly recovers from the blow and aims his own bow at the advancing enemy. His bow is made from the horns of the big horn sheep, the arrows he aims at his attacker are tipped with stone points knapped from heat treated stone which was carried across great distance and traded to his people. Just before he releases his arrow another whistles by his ear from the deadly bow of his adversary. The pinto beneath him responds to the slightest pressure from his knees, allowing for two free hands while on the hunt or in this case to save his life from three enemy warriors out here on the high plains. Tall bear is his name, and he is not a stranger to the ways or the warrior. He counted coup on his first enemy at the age of fourteen and has added many war honors to his resume over the years. With a practiced hand he releases the feathered shaft towards his nearest enemy, aiming low on the warriors body to miss the rawhide shield tied to the left arm which protects the upper torso. The arrow strikes flesh and bone unseating the attacker from his black war horse. A red hot pain laces his shoulder as another enemy arrow slices a glancing blow through his war shirt. Tall Bear releases his second arrow from the back of his now running pinto, swiveling to face the rear of his horse and facing at his newest opponent, the eagle feathers guide the stone tipped shaft directly into the face of the charging warrior. Unbelievably he remains upon the horses back but turns away from the fight. Tall bear slows his horse and prepares to battle his final adversary, before he can react a horse is bearing down on him with lightning speed. The warrior upon the horse suddenly leaps from the animals back and slams into Tall bear driving him to the ground and off his pony. The wind is knocked from him as he struggles to gain advantage over his enemy, Tall Bear is a large man, and one of the strongest men in his tribe. He throws the knife wielding enemy to the side and stands to his full height. The painted warrior facing him in a crouch, is a very small man with long black hair and wild dark eyes. They square off sizing one another up, Tall bear slips his own obsidian knife from the sheath at his belt and advances toward his smaller opponent confident of a victory.

Willow glares at the giant warrior standing before her, she knows he is dangerous, her two friends are dead at the hands of this giant already. As he advances toward her, she is certain he doesn’t realize he fights a woman. Although she is small, standing just over five feet tall and weighing half that of her enemy, Willow is one of the most revered warriors of her clan. Many enemies have fallen in battle by her hands, and this giant will be the next if the creator will allow it. Tall Bear rushes quickly toward Willow, she dives to the left, rolls and comes up on her feet like a cat, but not before she slices a long gash across his leg. With a smirk, she faces the stunned warrior. He charges again and is rewarded with another slice across his body. Four more times he rushes her and receives a stab or a slice from her expert blade. Finally Tall bear, bleeding and exhausted tries to pounce on this little athlete who moves like a cat. One instant he has a hold on her war shirt the next he is staring at the sky, her obsidian blade protruding from his chest. In his hand he holds the sleeve and part of her deerskin shirt, he stares up in disbelief, at not a man, but a woman. A small woman with black war paint covering her face and a white lightning bolt across her cheek. As death embraces Tall Bear, Willow leans in close and stares into his eyes. Her eyes are no longer filled with rage, but somehow seem beautiful, almost as if she is sorry for what she has done.
Willow pulls the knife free of her enemy, she hears the final breath come forth from his lungs and raises her hands to the creator up above. She thanks him for the death of this man who killed her Father so many moons ago, when she was a young girl. She remounts her trusty horse and rides toward her fallen brothers, and hopefully a chance at a new life for her now that the giant warrior has finally fallen.

Women Warriors have been remembered throughout the ages, I would like to take this moment to thank those who fight for our freedom today! and say THANK YOU to all of our fighters of freedom who are mothers, daughters, wives and friends… Hawk


Sandy said...

Beautiful. And I, too, thank them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, A very well written tale! Thank you for your time,Cromm.

Mental P Mama said...

Mesmerizing...lovely. Have you considered writing a book?

huntertrapper said...

nice! good read mr huston, enjoyed it a lot

fishing guy said...

Hawk: What a wonderful post and picture. You have outdone yourself here brother. We all hope the troops stay safe.
I loved that song the first time I heard it and this was a great time to add it to the list.

Matt said...

Very exciting story; great blog you have here!