Tuesday, December 2, 2008



I wrote this after seeing a commercial concerning the abuse of women in America, and after hearing of the abuse of a young lady who is related to my adopted brother.HAWK A/ho

Fierce wind sends snow dancing across the landscape in ghostly form. Over the last hour the temperature has dropped considerably, bringing high winds and bone numbing cold and snow to this high land. Raven sits inside his brush shelter huddled over a small fire, his elk skin clothing and bear hide hat keep the cold at bay. He is alone in a strange land far from his own people. Three years ago during the moon of new leaves he began a personal journey across unknown lands in search of himself. For the last several moons he has traveled farther than anyone from his own clan has ever gone. His arrows wear the blood of enemies who tried to take his life, and his body wears the scars of predators and men who have battled with him on his journey. Raven fears nothing from this world, but tonight he is worried beyond anything he has ever known. Near the fire lays a beautiful girl from near the great river, her once beautiful face is bruised and swollen from the beating she received this morning. In the early hours of dawn Raven was stalking a deer along the riverbank when he heard her screams, he rushed on the scene to find three warriors standing over the girl. She was beaten badly from the men and pleading for her life, within moments two of the warriors lay dead and the third was begging for raven hunter to spare his. Raven smirks at the thought of how easily the coward died and how the badly beaten girl stood and kicked the man’s body through her own haze of fear and pain. Raven doesn’t know how he will care for the young woman, or even if she will survive her wounds. No matter the outcome, he is certain he did the right thing and would gladly use his arrows and knives on any who would harm her again.
Early dawn finds Raven and the young woman surrounded by enemy warriors, the cold bites his flesh as he steps into the morning to do battle with this new and deadly threat. Suddenly the young woman calls out in a strange tongue to the enemy and is answered in the same language. Several men surround her while spears are pointed at raven, he is surprised to see a large warrior wearing a wolf hide embrace the woman. In sign language he says his name, Wolf Slayer and thanks Raven for saving his sisters life from the dreaded black valley people. Raven signs his name and asks the woman’s name, her name is Hummingbird and she was abducted two days ago at the waterhole where she was praying to the great spirit. Raven is asked to join the war party and hummingbird at their village in a place of honor beside the war chief Wolf Slayer for his bravery, Hummingbird takes Raven’s hand in hers for the long walk home, and he once again feels the worry welling up inside him. Not worry over fear or battle but over his new feelings for this battered young woman.

I am certain that during the ancient times there were those who stood up against wrongdoing and perished, and those who died at the hands of evil doers with no hero to save them. Today is no different, every thirty seconds a woman is assaulted in the US alone. You can be certain that some woman you know in your life has been assaulted at some time in her life by some scumbag who took advantage of his obvious physical strengths over her. I have bled for strangers over this very serious threat to our ladies, my friend Wolf Watcher once faced a scumbag who had a gun with only a coke bottle and was fortunate to come out the victor. I challenge all true men to stand up for our ladies and let this scum know this type of behavior will not be tolerated anymore. If you know someone who is being abused stand up for them, call the authorities or offer help, a passive voice is no voice at all to those who need our strengths. For those who abuse women, just know there are warriors out there just waiting for the opportunity to show you the error of your ways, so be cautious cowards, this will not be tolerated ….. For all ladies who have been victims, don’t be one anymore, please get out, get help, and start living the life you deserve. HAWK

{Red Hawk and I Hunting scum.... Actually we were hunting elk but you get the point... Hawk}


fishing guy said...

Hawk: I'm so glad you wrote this great post. I have missed the neat way you write of the olden days. I'm glad you have taken a stand in these situations.

Robin Easton said...

I applaud you dear Hawk for writing this beautiful beautiful story. I am honored to connect to a man who is both strong and warrior-like and yet gentle and loving to all those he meets. This is such an important issue and a powerful message you send to both men and woman. Excellent heartfelt writing as always, and I LOVE the photos of Stacey, and then you and your friend at the bottom. Just beautiful!

Thank you my wild brother,

Crazy Horse said...

This is a subject that goes deep to my inner soul as I have had a dear loved one suffer forced abuse. The manner of justice you describe in your message is the only form of justice that is acceptable. Having "authorites" deal with the abuse has only allowed this predator scum to walk free. Thank you for the simplicity and peace that all your writings bring to me. They remind me where I need to be.

orcalion said...

Great post and great pictures.

Greetings from Indonesia.