Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Wind howls through the gaps in the barn as powdery snow filters through the log rafters and settles on the floor. Saddles sit untouched on their racks along with bridles and assorted tack. The dim winters light somehow refreshes me here in my favorite sanctuary, or rather hiding place from the world on these cold dreary winter days. The horses stand with their backs to the wind just outside the tack room and look like statues except for their blowing manes and tails. I sit and reflect on this last year, time spent with friends and loved ones, some cherished moments to be remembered and some simply tucked away in that place where we try to forget. As the snowflakes filter through the late evening cold I recall each day of living through this last year , days spent wandering the wild places and nights spent dreaming of the next days adventure. I feel fortunate for each day I am allowed to spend upon this earth, and thank the creator for every blessing and even the trials and tribulations, which accompany this existence. Friends have been lost and new friend shave been found along this years journey. New lands have been explored, my feet have tread upon places where no modern man is likely to have been, and my eyes have taken in the splendor of nature as only my own eyes can. My children have grown, learned, and witnessed life through their own eyes with their own feelings and will certainly see life through their own perspective. My wife has weathered another year with me, some would question her sanity in living with my stubborn and often self-righteous self but to her credit, she still stays, so far. I finish hanging the tack along the rear wall and pull my coat collar up against the wind. Yes this last year has been a good one, but as the cleansing winds scour the Wyoming landscape I am certain that the coming new year will offer up new adventures, new friendships and new opportunity in which I will contemplate on this very day next year. For all who share this world with me I offer up a happy new year to you, for those who are my family and friends thanks for the moments so far, I look forward to making new ones with you in the coming seasons…. May the young live to be old and may the old live to teach the young in a sacred manner…. This is my prayer… HAWK a/ho


fishing guy said...

Hawk: I also wish for you a wonderful 2009 with all new ventures coming to fruition. May your dreams come true and may the joy of the new adventure be felt in your heart.
I'm so glad I got to know you and Stacey this past year.
May God direct you along your path this coming year.

Sandy said...

Dear Hawk, I think fishing guy has put it well. I will echo his words, my friend.

Robin Easton said...

Dear Hawk, my wild brother, I have missed these pages and find it heartening to return. I am glad you are writing again and pleased to hear you are starting your book. There are too few wild voices left. The wild voices are vanishing like the wild places. There are too few of us who know of the wild world. If you keep writing your book whenever you can, I can guarantee that there will be souls coming to Earth who will read it generations down the road...souls starved for a truth they feel and know n their bodies but may not be able to find in their world. I don't normally tell people what to do or how to do, but I will say this, "You must write your book". Don't worry how long it takes or how much you write each time, or how often, just write when you can. You are leaving a message in a bottle for your children's grandkids and their kids. Among them their will be seekers. They will find your book and wish they had known you in this time. I know it. I once read part of Thoreau's book "Walden" right after I came out of the rainforest and I cried because I knew he understood, I wished he had been alive. Fortunately I have come into my own and I hold my own against a world that is disconnected, but at the time I could find no reflection for who I was except in the wild. You have been one who has reflected who I am to me. Just in seeing the world the way you see it and LIVE it. And there are others for me who do this in varying degrees but like you, for the utmost reflection I must return to Mother Earth. It is there that I know who I am. Thank you Hawk. Hugs and love to you, Stacey and your boys.

Lloyd Beere said...

Hope you and your family have a Fantastic 2009.Mine started good when Ryan got his first cat New Years Day.Happy hunting-Lloyd-Ryan-Sheri-Cara

Matt said...

Cool post. I hope the New Year is off to a good start for you.