Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Fifty one years to some of us would seem like a good amount of time to be upon this earth. For my adopted brother Wolf Watcher and his wife Eloise, fifty one years is the accumulation of a lifetime lived together as husband and wife. They were sweethearts in school and married young, Wolf watcher worked through all those years as a welder, teacher, vice principal, wrestling coach, and protector of our freedoms while in the military. Eloise was the perfect housewife and mother to their two girls. Her ability to grow anything in her gardens and flowerbeds is remarkable, add in her supernatural ability when preparing culinary delights and her uncanny way of making anyone who meets her feel like they are family, and you will have a slight picture of the graceful and beautiful lady Watcher shares his days with. As their friend I am amazed by their relationship, they often finish each others sentences as is expected when someone has lived together for a long while. But to see the way these two look upon one another is truly beautiful and inspiring. Soul mates would not begin to sum up the love shared between the couple. Watcher will often stop in mid sentence while telling a story of their past and look Eloise in the eyes, her responding look allows a glimpse into their earlier courtship and lifetime spent as one. We all hope for the chance at love, devotion and trust with someone who fills our lives to overflowing, someone who will complete us and allow for a lifetime well spent. I feel fortunate to have much more than I deserve in my wife and children, with love a little luck and the creators blessings we may someday celebrate our fifty first anniversary. For now I will count myself lucky to have friends like watcher and Eloise as mentors and as inspiration in this circle of life. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.. My friends, may the creator bless you with many more years together, and if for some reason it should all fall apart between you two wonderful souls …. Well Eloise you know where I live sweet lady… just don’t tell Watcher where we ran off to together …. He is too good a tracker for us to get away…HEEEE… HEEE… Love HAWK

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fishing guy said...

Hawk: I send along a Happy Anniversary to your relatives. that is a neat story to share.