Tuesday, June 2, 2009


About two months ago we had our satellite television shut off, the constant barrage of sex ads, reality television and Bad news from the various networks began wearing on me. This kind of so called entertainment is not something we wanted to deal with on a daily basis. We are trying to raise our children with ethics and good family values, while still ensuring that they are not blind to the real issues they will face in this world. In doing this we have been virtually cut off from the world, no news is good news type scenario, yet whenever I turn on my truck radio I am immediately filled with doubt as to where we are heading as human beings, war, severe illness and natural disasters fill the airways.
Every channel preaches their own version of what is going wrong around the world, from the far sands of Israel to the gang plagued streets of Los Angeles. I believe the constant chatter over the airways about the plight of the human race and the “This is it” “We are all in trouble” kind of journalism is not helping matters here at home or abroad.. All we hear on the news is that ..Ten American soldiers were killed in roadside Bombings.. What about the six hundred thousand bad guys our brave warriors killed or captured?. Or the families they helped to survive during the battles over there..
Where is the story of the Iraqi woman who brought water to our warriors during a long and vicious firefight with little regard to her own safety? Our media thrives on the negative and seems committed to a bad news kind of journalism, in doing so they bring us all down and making it seem far worse than it really is. Do not get me wrong, I believe in telling the truth, if we lose some soldiers.. Let it be herd.. But also let it be known that our fighting men and women would rather die than leave this fight against terrorism and oppression unchallenged. Tell of the gangs in the cities and their evil wrath..
But let the world know of the thousand of Americans who donated time , money and even shed blood in the name of doing what is right. For every Amber alert that is issued, lets hear the story of some special child who made a difference. With every rape victim and her story, lets hear about the scumbag that got caught, how severely he was punished, and what we can do to educate our ladies in self defense and firearms use. I know well the dangers out there, and have the scars to prove it, but wouldn’t it be great to hear some good news for a change. We live in the greatest nation in the world, freedom, family values and freedom of the press is only a small part of who we are as Americans.
I believe that good Mojo in our every day lives can take us far, through proper education, enlightenment, and plain old feelings of happiness, we can and will make our world a better place. If gas prices are up, lets be glad we have a car. If our president makes another off the wall stupid decision, lets be glad we have a president instead of a dictator. When the bad news hit’s the airwaves lets all blog and twitter the good news to one another, we must remain vigilant of our surroundings and our worldly news but not be plagued by it.
However you decide to view your world is up to you as an individual, say hello to your neighbor, tell those you love that you love them, and make certain to keep aware of the dangers out there by all means, every evil doer should be dealt with for certain. But keep in mind that your perceptions of your world as well as the news you hear on the radio, and see on your television does have a significant impact on who you are and what you do everyday.

Breaking News…. America is still free, strong and proud.. And the world we share is filled with more than enough GOOD to outlast and beat down even the most dedicated of evil doers with one hand tied behind our backs… enjoy every day... and spread the news.. Hawk


Cory Glauner said...

We are all blessed to be Americans.

The news is all about pushing their agenda and not really about the news at all.

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The Hunter's Wife said...

Not only are the news reports so depressing but you can't even trust the media anymore. The recent election proved that to be so.

If only I could get my husband to watch shows online, I'd shut ours off as well.

masterhunters said...

I always enjoy your posts because I know they come from the heart.
Sing it loud, Brother!

Blessed said...

so very true.

ke7cjw said...

I still watch TV. I watch the outdoor channel, the History channel, The discovery channel. I gave up watching the news a long time ago. It is sad to see the way they all try to manipulate the audience to advance their own agenda's.

Becky.. aka BLynBlondie said...

Beautifully said!! Thank you for the blessings you give with your insightful wisdom!!

Susan Catt said...

Refreshing outlook.

Your choices to see our country and world through positive glasses is in my estimation the key to humanity's success. Breed happy cells in our brains. It's a simple choice.

I turned the TV off years ago and the radio and stopped the newspapers/magazines. I have kept up on the goings on through the daily banter of depressed people who do watch/listen/read. It's quite sad. I observe them from this distant place feeling quite peaceful and in tune, but not perplexed as they seem to be having been touched by the media. Its an observation.

If we had good news I might start listening again. Straight news without opinion. I am quite capable of drawing my own opinion without the help of some media happy manipulator.

Varmit... oh there one goes ---> POW! :D

;) S

SimplyOutdoors said...

We are definitely very lucky to be Americans, and I am one of those who doesn't buy into the doom and gloom attitude either.

I normally don't even watch the news, or I sift through what I want to read instead of listening to what they would like me to hear.

I'm thankful for every day I get to wake up; thankful for my family; thankful for my job; and thankful that I live in the greatest country in the world.

Great post!

HorsesintheSouth said...

Every day that I awaken & I stand, as I put each foot on the floor, I say "Thank" & "you" for all of what we have in America, my humble home, my horses, dogs, all the world's creatures & plants, my wonderful husband & son & family & neighbors, near & far.

I always starts the day out with a smile on your face. I also try to find something that makes me laugh.

Oh, and I really thank the fact that I can hug & kiss & smell the wonderful smell of my horses' necks every day.

Greg said...

I haven't watched TV with any regularity in over 15 years.I feel all the better for it.

Good for you and your family. More folks should choose to do the same. I guarantee they will never come to regret it.