Friday, November 27, 2009


When in our lives do we become who we are? Is it from the moment we take our first breath, Is it as an adolescent, a young adult.. Or do we really ever become one decided person? I believe we are who we are simply because we are meant to be that person. In our lives we are sometimes fortunate to meet people who change our lives forever. Sometimes for the good and sometimes not so good. I was blessed to be raised by my parents, mom always made sure we were well fed, loved and still wishes the best for her children. Dad made certain that we were immersed in the wild places and nurtured my natural desire to become part of the natural order of things. My best friend in my youth John, roamed the mountains of Montana with me making memories along the way, although we are no longer friends those memories still remain. Ladies I have known, some broke my young heart, some captured it… while my soul mate and life partner Stacey WON it through true love and absolute devotion. I have buried good friends and cried at the loss, I have made enemies who will last a lifetime and friends who will last even longer. My children are my most perfect accomplishment , yet I see my own flaws in them and wonder if they will be able to cope with all that lays before them. I see my strengths in them as well and am proud of their ability to enjoy life and all it has to offer, no matter what befalls them. I secretly hope for them all there is to see, do and experience, yet I wish they would always stay close by. I have a hand full of friends who I believe in and who believe in me, a select few who I would give my life for and who I am sure would return the favor. I am a hunter and most of my friends and family are hunters as well, yet there are those close to my heart and immersed in my life who would never harvest an animal. Yes brothers and sisters of the bow, life is an ever changing ride. I am sure mine will change, evolve and I look forward to every moment I get to experience it. Thanks to those who have joined my circle on this journey we all share, and to those who may be a part of it in the future. May every day be blessed with fine hunting, every hunt be filled with adventure and every adventure be filled with enjoyment. And may every twist and turn of this journey we call life be intertwined with one another, as we all strive toward a common goal.. To not simply exist but to LIVE!!!!! Hawk


LarryB said...

Man, can you write with feeling! Deep, powerful stuff, and so easy to relate to, if a person has any bush stuff in their blood, like I do. Your knowledge and interpretation of life is Very inspiring. Please keep on sharing this valuable stuff with your readers, forever!

Glad to have discovered your awesome blog. Will link soon! :-)


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Hawk: Your life is lived to the fullest through your family. It is definitely your legacy and you are lucky enough to be able to hand down to them a great tradition. I no longer hunt except with my camera but respect those that do.

Kpeters said...

Heavy stuff....but I can relate to it as I am the wife of a hunter who has raised two sons who hunt and now our grandchildren are learning from their grandfather. My husband came from East Africa where he learned to hunt.Now he teaches bow hunting...and I paint.........
So glad to meet you via Twitter...and now on your blog!