Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FOR JANIE and others like her..

I wrote this after seeing a whole slew of such cases on the news lately.. Happy hunting brothers and sisters wearing blue.

Early morning light has a way of awakening the hunters senses, as the dawn breaks over a cold grey landscape a flock of pigeons takes flight. The sound of a garbage trucks backup signal echoes in the morning air. Officer Harry Larson sits in his car, the interior reeks of cigarette smoke and stale city air, combined with the ever present smell of old upholstery and exhaust fumes. Harry is one of the few lawmen who truly believes in his job, twenty years on the force have honed his street wise skills and if it has been done he has seen it. From robbery to rape, homicide to traffic accidents Harry has kept a firm hand on upholding the law while remaining vigilant of human compassion and doing what is just. The morning sun climbs slowly into a grey smog choked sky, the pigeons land upon a trio of gargoyle statues atop the building he has been observing for the last sixteen hours. The second window on the left of the twelfth floor is his target. The suspect rents this apartment, Lacy, a prostitute from the projects gave Harry the info two weeks ago during a routine bust outside the city. For a week he has been watching the area hoping to catch a glimpse of someone moving in the apartment. Through his binoculars Harry sees the curtain move, someone is there, finally a chance to nail this creep. After calling dispatch requesting backup and checking his weapon Harry enters the building. The apartment building is an old eighteenth century brick structure, the wall are covered with graffiti and every corner is filled with the refuse of tenants who obviously aren’t the type who care about their surroundings being cluttered and filthy. Near the tenth floor stairwell, Harry cusses himself for his bad habit of smoking, fighting for breath he continues the climb through filth. On the twelfth floor sounds carry from the walls of apartments, someone is watching jeopardy, Alex asks, What are two of the names of the mythological sun god Helios horses… who are .. Abraxas and Bronte answers the contestant. Another doorway announces the presence of a crying child and someone yelling obscenities at a female voice who is also crying and yelling. A cat meows behind a door that reeks of cat urine and someone is talking in a language that sounds like Chinese near the end of the hall. At the doorway to “The apartment” Harry steps to the side of the door and listens, the sounds of someone having sex are obvious, also the sound of a girl crying are also evident coming from the room. Harry with practiced ease rears back, slamming the door jamb with two hundred pounds of American cop he enters the room. Even through the dim light he can see the man, grabbing for clothing he tries to cover his nakedness as Harry drives him into the dirty floor, after cuffing the sick bastard to the rusted radiator he approaches the cowering figure upon the bed. A young girl, no more than fourteen sits under the dirty sheet, her face is covered in wounds, some old, some new, and her young body is riddled with bruises and abrasions she says her name is Janie. Harry wraps her in the sheet and carries her to the hallway, but not before accidentally kicking the handcuffed man in the groin on his way out. Sirens announce the arrival of the cavalry, within moments the building is swarming with cops. Officer Larson stays by the young girl until the ambulance takes her away. When the suspect is finally taken into custody by fellow officers, everyone is amazed to discover who he is, one of the most powerful and influential men in the city, a former U.S. senator and prominent businessman. Harry walks to his car and sits behind the wheel, from the visor he pulls out a picture of a young girl in her early teens, kissing the photo he says, “I miss you baby”. “We got another one little lady, one more piece of crap off the streets”. returning the picture to the visor he pulls away from the curb. Pigeons rise into the grey cloudless sky, and the sounds of his city surround him as he begins the hunt for his next suspect. Harry recalls a redheaded girl and a bright sunny day among fall leaves… Yep he will find them, every last one, until he finds the one who took his little one.. Then he will rest.. Maybe.

Every day there are young girls and boys used and abused by sick predators. Thousands of children are victimized by these predators every year and most are never caught. Some are influential rich men who “Buy” what they want from other sick bastards bent on destroying kids lives for money. Others are just wacko pukes who prey on the weakness of children because they can. I tip my hat to the hunters who find, prosecute and incarcerate these sick demented individuals and wish for them happy hunting and a quiet stalk. If you know of anyone who is involved in criminal activity involving the abuse of a child or any fellow human please do the right thing.. Let someone know, stop them before they can hurt anyone else. If you are a victim DON’T be.. Become a survivor, and turn them in to the authorities, we all stand behind you, there are still lots more good guys left in this world than there are evil doers. Stay strong, and remember everyone on this planet deserves their freedom, and should never be forced into anything …ever. Hawk


Guerilla Chef said...

The death penalty needs to be expanded to execute rapists and child molestors at first offense. Too many repeat offenders doing it again after being "Rehabilitated". I say rehabilitation through reincarnation.

Dennis said...

I'm retired now...but I tip my hat back to you...and on behalf of the fine folks I worked with I thank you for your support.