Sunday, February 7, 2010


A light rain drizzles down upon the dense forest, the pitter patter of falling raindrops hitting the leaves and branches drowns out the sound of moccasin clad feet on the wet earth. Every step taken brings Grouse and his fellow warriors nearer to the enemy. Grouse is a young man, he received his name as a youth among the Huron people after the medicine man saw him drumming on a log with a stick. A roughed grouse was answering the challenging call with drumming of his own from far off in the forest. Today the only drumming is his rapidly beating heart as he slips through the dripping wet foliage. He is afraid as he moves forward, this is his first battle and although Huron warriors are the bravest most feared peoples of the forest he cannot help but be afraid even as he readies to pounce from cover and attack the bearded men who carry thunder sticks and have killed so many of his people in the last few months. With the cry of a warrior Grouse raises his osage war club and launches himself into the fight of his life!

This desert heat is unbearable! Sand and wind, trackless landscape and well worn roadways meet Sergeant Hall as he stares through an armored windshield at the head of the convoy. “God I wish I was back home in Huron Michigan right now,” he thinks to himself. For the last few days the enemy have been becoming more and more active. Roadside bombings, public executions and every atrocity one could come across have plagued Sergeant Hall these last few weeks. This is his fourth tour in this war on terror and he has been fortunate so far to have been unscathed . Beside him sit’s a green recruit, the sweat on the young warriors brow and the too large eyes tell of a youth who is scared and yet determined to do his duty. The Tink Tink Tink of small arms fire against the armored vehicle announce that they have finally found the enemy. With practiced precision Hall locates the telltale dust from approaching enemy fighters in the mirage of sand and trains his weapon on them as he barks orders to his fellow warriors. Rapid gunfire erupts from all directions as the convoy comes under attack.

Grouse stands over the body of a slain enemy, blood leaks from the corpse as the rain from creator above stirs it, leaving small splatters on the green grasses and small plants. Grouse fought bravely for his homeland today and two white eyes fell to his knives and war-club. The forest is silent after the battle and all grouse hears are raindrops as he looks to the sky and gives thanks for his survival after the intense battle. He shivers and wishes for some warmer weather as the rain falls all around the battlefield.

Private Lucas looks down on the body along with the other survivors from the sudden attack on the convoy. None can believe how young the enemy soldier is. He could only be about fourteen. ‘Mount up.” cries the sergeant. Two of their fellow warriors won’t be going home alive on this day, seventeen enemy soldiers were taken out and a cache of weapons was found and destroyed. As the convoy pulls away from the battle Lucas wonders how Sarg! can be so cool under pressure and during battle. Hall just stares intently ahead and searches the horizon for any sign of danger, he cannot let another of his warriors fall today, his heart is breaking as he remembers the brave ones who have fallen over the last few years. He looks to the sky and asks for mercy and protection, at least until he can get them all home safe, And maybe just a little rain!

The outcome of war is never certain, but the honor, integrity, and bravery of those who fight it can never be questioned. Hurry home brothers and sisters who guard the gates. Happy hunting over there, and be safe, we will never forget and we salute you… I wrote this for Doug Jackson.. A warrior.. Thanks for all you do brother! Hawk


sarina said...

You really did it this time Hawk! I love it. No words can express how I feel. Thank You

Tim Farris said...

War is a terrible but sometimes nesasary thing. That must be endured by both the ones on the front lines and the ones that they fight to protect back at home. I agree that we should all remember the fallen and honor the ones that serve, give them our gratutude and respect as well as their families here for the sacrifices that they are having to make while these brave men and women are away from home. Good post Hawk.

Rustyblade33 said...

That is a terrific story with great insight throught the eyes of our brave warriors. Whether it is there first time in battle or there fourth tour of duty. Doug is my brother and i appreciate the dedication towards him and the respect you represent towards our soldiers. May the creator look after the men and women who battle for us to have the freedom of speech not to mention the numerous other freedoms people take for granted.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Hawk: Well written with the mixture of past and present. I wish for our country that we had no war.