Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Rocks falling across the cliff face raise Aspen's heart rate instantly. The enemy warriors are closing on her position quickly in the darkness. Every nerve is on edge as she crouches against the cold hard surface of the canyon wall.Out of the gloomy night a painted face emerges, as soon as their eyes meet Aspen turns to flee, she knows full well the fate of women captured by the sour belly people. With a wicked grin the painted warrior darts after the slender woman along the treacherous trail. Aspen can hear the man gaining on her in the darkness, every ragged breath is answered by another from her pursuer close behind, lending speed to her legs as she flees for her life.

Many Dogs is sure he will catch the young woman in moments, he quivers with excitement just thinking about all the things he will do to her once the race ends. Many dogs loves the thought of inflicting pain on weaker people, since his childhood every moment spent hurting others has been his life's ambition. Rounding a corner in the canyon he sees the lithe figure darting down the trail,quickening his step to match his pulse he charges forward reaching for the girls hair with his left hand. Suddenly he feels something slam into his chest followed by another and yet another hard impact, driving him backward despite his size and great speed. he is surprised to see two arrows protruding from his chest and another driven to the fletching in his now painful groin. Aspen slows to a walk, warriors from her tribe surround her and a bloodcurdling chant begins to rise on the night, all along the canyon she can hear the screams of the raiders as they are dispatched one by one. Aspen approaches her would be attacker, he is nearly dead when she spits in his face and kicks the arrow buried in his manhood. She watches as his life fades away and silently prays that her sister Willow will be there to greet him on the other side and inflict even more pain and humiliation on the dirty enemy of her people who raped and killed Willow in her thirteenth winter. Aspen looks to the warriors who defended her with their lives and offers a sign .. hands over her heart she shows them she is grateful. as the night sounds continue around her, Aspen moves down the trail confident that her safety on this night is complete.. tomorrow the enemy may well catch her alone and inflict horror on her and her people, but tonight her well being is almost certain, thanks to well armed warriors and guards at every high spot along the canyon.

Today in our modern world a girl like Aspen would not stand much of a chance, most would look away and pretend that nothing was happening, or not get involved because it is not their problem. It is all our problem!!!! every day thousands of people are harmed either because they were alone and unable to defend themselves against their attackers or because someone who could have helped simply stepped aside. Arm our people, teach them to defend themselves against the evil doers, don't go looking for a fight but don't be afraid to bleed if it means doing the right thing. Hawk


ke7cjw said...

Great story Hawk and a good lesson as well. I am one that tries to avoid trouble when ever possible, but I am always ready to step in if needed. I could never walk away from someone in need of help. I

Mike "Hawk" Huston said...

I know you would stand up Brother.. thanks for the comment

Stacey Huston said...

As always beautiful words~ though not just words.. I know you are a man of honor and will always do what is right.. YOU make me proud my love. Thank you for being you.

Gretchen Steele said...

Wonderful piece of writing Hawk - I too don't exactly go out looking for trouble - but I cannot walk away unconcerned if someone is in need. It just isn't in me to be that way. I wish more could understand that we are all part of something bigger, and whether we like it or not, we are in this together.