Sunday, March 25, 2012


What a night , loud music and friends always make the night fly by, add in copious amounts of alcohol and before she knew it two am had arrived.The sound of her footsteps on pavement echo loudly across the early morning darkness, she is still humming the latest karaoke song as she rounds the corner toward her apartment. The best part about her favorite bar is it is only three blocks away and everyone knows her there so it is safe for her to get a little tipsy and have fun on wild Saturday nights. She can see the light from her apartment steps and reaches for her keys, suddenly from behind she hears rapidly approaching footfalls,she turns her head toward the sound she is struck hard on the back of the head, her world goes grey and then black as the night sounds disappear.

When she awakes she is inside her own home, her clothes are gone and she feels faint, trying to rise to her feet she realizes she is bound to the bed with strips of her own sheets, her body is covered in bruises and she hurts everywhere, a man carrying a short barreled pistol enters the bedroom, it is the guy she met at the bar, she danced with him last night,but when she told him she had a boyfriend she cared for very much he had said he wasn't going to waste any more of his time. He walked to the bed and told her in great detail what he had done to her and what he was planning to do to her over the next days. She cried as he touched her hair, wishing she could reach the nightstand where her handgun was, or at least get loose so she could use her black belt skills on this demon man. He punches her in the face and she feels the black vail returning to her.
Marge has Ben living here in this apartment for years, she has seen people come and go more times than she can count, Kelly is her neighbor and marge knows her boyfriend is working away for home, the sounds coming through the walls tell her that she is in trouble, marge is certain that she hears her young neighbor crying and the sounds of a man are definite. Marge calls 911 and reaches for her late husbands shotgun. She knocks on the door and a man answers, he is nude to the waist and reeks of stale whiskey, she points the shotgun at the intruder and pushes her way through the door. The man backs away quickly and starts talking fast, Marge glances into the bed room
and sees the girl tied up and bleeding, her rage is sudden and decisive as she sees the man raising a pistol toward her,The shotgun makes quick work of tearing the mans genitals and half his left leg free of the body, the second shot turns the rapist into a splatter of debri, easily shredding his evil flesh as the boom dies away on the morning air. The gun in his hand falls to the floor unfired, as marge scurries to the girls side, she is alive, but literally beaten senseless. Sirens are outside as marge settles to the floor laying her late husbands shotgun down, how she misses him, ten years ago he left to go live with the lord. Who knew her first time to shoot a gun would be to take a life. Sirens and footfalls announce the police are here as she holds her now conscious neighbors hand, their eyes meets and the pain in both souls collide as the first officer arrives.

Preparedness could have saved Kelly from her ordeal. She had a firearm, "at home"she was trained to defend herself .. But bad decisions and alcohol cost her dearly... Marge did the right thing and reacted "... The sad truth is there are few Marge's in the world and usually when someone does stand up against evil doers they end up a victim themselves. Ladies there are hundreds of thousands of rapes, kidnappings, assaults and other atrocities committed on women every year, don't be a victim, if u are going out,go with a group and if u have a firearm and your state allows, carrying it. Be vigilant, be safe, stay alive... never allow yourself to let your guard down when alone in an unsafe environment, no matter how many times you have already gotten away with it. In most cases victims are just that "victims."

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sarina said...

Ohhhh... Man, that was an amazing story. So So true. I am always watching my back,and making sure not to say too much about my private life. Then the next step, is making sure that you teach your children the same. That is the part when you make sure that you are walking your talk. Thank You for sharing your thoughts about women and thier safety/decisions, and actions in life. Things can change in a second!