Sunday, April 29, 2012


I love the moment just before sunrise, the anticipation of new light always brings me to a heightened sense of awareness. The way rays of light reach across the entire sky just before the sun makes its grand entrance is awe inspiring. There is one thing for sure in this world and that is that the sun will rise in the east. Every day the bright orb makes its entrance into the sky and with the light comes another opportunity for those who wake to its brightness to begin anew. No matter where in the world we are or who we are the sun will announce a new chance, a new day, a new beginning. I have been fortunate to enjoy forty two years and eight months and four days of sunrises. That is fifteen thousand five hundred and eighty sunrises so far. I have been blessed with the gift of all these sunrises and they seem to me to be brighter with each rising. As I look toward my future and all it holds for me I embrace every climbing of every sun across broad expanse of sky. The days do seem to go by slowly when looking toward our future and all the mysteries waiting for us to enjoy every moment. Yet at the same time every day also flies by, in the blink of an eye fifteen thousand sunrises have become sunsets and we wonder how it has passed by so quickly. I cannot complain, I have found true love, love beyond the boundaries of sunrises and have two boys who are my greatest accomplishment,my greatest joy. I have walked and ridden many trails and traveled to many places. Yes I really do enjoy the prospect of a new sunrise. It is as if the creator is lighting up the sky just for me,it is his way of saying here comes another moment. Here comes another ray of brightness to remind you that I am here. No matter what the reason for the rising I will always long for its magical and faithful coming. And yes I do long for the future,with a quickened step and a faithful heart I live each day looking forward to the sunsets. Because with every sunset there is a sunrise just around the corner.


sarina said...

New beginnings.... awwww I love it!

Anonymous said...

The start of a new day..... a clean slate and an opportunity to do better than yesterday.