Monday, April 2, 2012


Even at night, crossing through Sioux lands is a hair raising experience for a lone white man and his horse. Not many would even consider the prospect of crossing through here considering all the scalps taken from settlers in recent months. For Henry ODonnell there is no choice but to make the trek. He told his brother Frank that if ever anything were to happen to him that he would look after His family. Since Franks death two days ago Henry has been crossing through hostile lands in route to his late brothers ranch near Sheridan Wyoming. Twice he had to hide for hours while Sioux warriors rode by painted for war and looking for fresh scalps. Henry is sure his red locks would be highly prized were to to fall prey to the savages.
As dawn breaks over the Black Hills Henry is crossing broken country heading due west. Bear butte is looming off to his right in the distance. The weathered tower reminds Henry of a giant beer stine. What he wouldn't do for a pint of strong beer right about now. Suddenly the morning air is pierced by a shrill war cry, arrows rain down on the beautiful landscape. Henry spurs his horse into a hard run hoping he can outdistance the half dozen warriors who are now in hot pursuit. For the next mile Henry is in a race for his life , he rides headlong into the west wind hoping beyond hope that the horse will not falter. Several hours later Henry leaves his dead horse and continues westward . The savages have long since given up the chase and Henry is determined to make his destination no matter if he has to fight the whole Sioux nation.
Two weeks later Mary ODonnell sees someone staggering Up the lane to the ranch, she readies her rifle and waits the man's approach. Henry walks up to Mary with tears in his eyes she understands immediately. Henry holds her tight as she sobs her grief into her husbands older brothers shoulder. Henry lays a small locket in her hands, he says "Frank carried this with him until the very end." Mary opened the locket and stares at the wedding likeness of Frank her. "Thank you Henry ." she says . Henry is not sure what she is thanking him for, he was only doing what he said he would do.

I wonder why in our modern society why people don't seem to do what they promise. Few even bother to listen to what is asked of them much less care what the consequences of their actions may be. When did it become OK to make a promise then just throw it away because it was too hard.. I would love to see a person make a promise and then actually follow through .. Wouldn't that be something to see in this modern world of me, me, me ..... I guess I am just too old fashioned for our modern world and all it has to offer. Hawk


Anonymous said...

i wished everyone saw the world like you do Hawk and kept there promises as they said they would, but this world has come to a place where no one cares for others and that is very sad especially when there are just a few persons out here that do keep there word and there love,honor,respect and commiment for and to others including theirselfs.

sarina said...

Yep, it is all too common to be promised, but let down in the end. Old Fashioned maybe... Respect maybe... Or both! Hard Working, Honest, or a simple look into the eyes, and a nod while a firm hand shake! These are simple gestures, or actions that are very rare in this (Me Me Me) world.

So, Hats are off to those that stand firm on the Old Fashioned Way! Hold your head high and never back down to your morals.