Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love is in the air.

From across the room their eyes meet, he knows without her ever saying it that she sees him. Not just sees him but sees through him. Their souls touch their eyes meet and no one else in the room seems the wiser. She feels the butterflies in her stomach as he approaches her. He can barely keep his hands off her even as the other people move about the room too near their souls locked together by simple eye contact. How many kisses have they shared how many intimate moments? Only they know for sure as he takes her smaller hand in his. In a language only lovers know they walk hand in hand to the dance floor near the center of this place. Where people and music fill empty space. He with practiced hands guides her close to him and she accepts the invitation willingly. Every part of their being wants the other as together they glide across the floor unaware that every eye watches their loving dance.They only have eyes for one another, it has always been this way for them and shall remain so until their meeting with the creator. Love is so much more than an emotion, so much more than a commitment, love is for some people unattainable. But for some love is all they need all they strive for and simply put all they will ever be. For the passionate, committed, loving couple on the dance floor love is like that. Simple beautiful and all consuming. After the song is over the two walk hand in hand back to the crowd of loud people who all cheer the couple. He holding her hand she loving his touch. He knows without looking around the room that she is the most stunning lady here. She won't even bother looking around the room . She knows her man is all any woman could ever need or want. As they take their seats among the crowd a pretty blonde woman asks how long have you two been married? He answers quickly and proudly, sixty three years today . Wow! That is amazing says the lady. He knows it sounds amazing to most but to him it has been the easiest thing in life loving this woman who loves him back so completely. She feels the same way about him and couldn't imagine life without him beside her. The young lady asks how do you keep the passion alive after all these years. Neither answers, they just look at one another and speak to one another in the language only lovers speak. Through eye contact they answere each other and excuse themselves from the crowd. She takes his arm and whispers I love you, he gently squeezes her arm and answers always!

I am so fortunate to have love in my
Life. Thank you for being my reason for breathing, my reason for looking toward the future with open eyes. You have tought me that true love, absolute trust, complete commitment aren't chains that bind.. But rather the reason love was created in the first place . I love you baby girl.


sarina said...

Ok, you made me cry! So simple.... I know that there is a Man being molded, and made just for my heart. In return, I am being molded to love this man's heart. Nothing but time. Everything is happening as intended....I can't wait to meet him.

KKH said...

I so have love my life like that and I am so happy to have found my soul mate. And to have him in my life and forever be mine. This one hit the hearts of thousands of women and you deserve true love like that. Yes I cried as well. Thank you Hawk

Anonymous said...

Can you really trust someone enough to have that selfless kind of passion......i thought so....once, but not anymore! I cried, but only because i want to have that chance, but my heart won't let me.