Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bullets fly overhead as tracers light the path of deadly projectiles. Two men crouch behind a bullet riddled truck pulses quickened in the heat of battle. Both men signal to one another to move forward in the late evening gloom toward the source of The incoming fire. One is a battle tested veteran, the other a newby from some remote town in Idaho. Capitain Reynolds tells the greenhorn to stay low and move on his six, firing on any hostiles they encounter. Private Grant flies through the streets, eyes searching for enemies.Reynolds goes down so fast that Grant trips over him in full run. The fall surely saved his life, a barage of bullets and tracer rounds sails through empty space where he was standing seconds ago.Grant pulls the captain to safety behind a burned out personell carrier. He returns fire on the building across the street and sees two ostiles fall to his well aimed shots.He lies patiently as the gunfire subsides and waits for any sign of more bad guys. Years of now hunting in the Idaho wilds have honed his patience, and hunting skills. After what seems an eternity he spots movement along the rooftop acros the street. He aquires the target, breathes, releases slowly and squeezes the trigger. The man throws his hands upward and falls forward from the rooftop. Behind Grant he hears the Capitain moan, he looks at him surprised to see he is alive. "A ricochet off my hard skull."he says. I'm knocked silly, but gonna live. Private Grant saved Captain Reynolds and himself that day from certain death.. It was July forth two thousand three. Theyalso saved thousands of innocent lives through their service. Many of our heroes have fought, died, and sacrificed all for us.. God bless The U.S.A. Happy birthday tomorrow.. We will never forget.. We will always be the United States of America..


Knatalie Lawson said...

Very well said Hawk, Hua to all Kola's out there, you know who you are and just keep up the US free.

Henry Mitchel said...

Cool one! :)