Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hunting partner

The wild turkey of the american west is one of the most challenging species I have ever good friend Red Hawk said. "If the wild turkey had an acute sense of smell no one would ever kill one." This statement is absolutely true. The turkey's keen eyesight and ability to avoid predators is amazing. Combine this with legs like a t-rex and flight capabilities, you have a worthy predator indeed. Being there with my son Tyler, as he hunted for his first turkey was a wonderful experience. To see him grow into the early years of adulthood and become an accomplished hunter has been a humbling experience for me.... the time spent wandering the wilds with my children only helps to strengthen the bonds between my sons and myself...ensuring me a chance to to teach them important life lessons and in turn learn something valuable from them and their natural tendancy of witnessing the wilderness for what it truly is and accepting things for what they are. One does not need to be a hunter in order to enjoy the outdoors with their children, but for those who choose the hunt, sharing the adventures with family can be the most rewarding adventure of your lifetime..Hawk a/ho


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words as always. I agree that sharing you passions with your family help to build and strengthen any realationship..

Anonymous said...

I love this photo! It's in my album titled "The Great Hunters!" Love you