Friday, March 7, 2008


Wyoming wilderness, Hunting the high lands.... This warrior of a bull was traveling the high country in early September with a bachelor group of five and six point bulls.. I stayed with the bulls for six days traveling slowly on the high timbered ridges..Each morning I would place myself where I thought the bulls would be returning to the heavy timbered draws..Several times I was within yards of the elk but the conditions were not right...on the sixth morning I was rewarded with an opportunity to arrow this old warrior...and was blessed by the creator with a clean and quick harvest.. the story of this hunt appeared in Primitive Archer magazine in the October / November 2007 issue..... volume 15 issue five .... several of the hunts on this page are available in written form in the back issues of Primitive Archer.. for anyone interested in reading them .. and I have more in upcoming issues.. for those who like the story of the hunt you can log onto the PA website and order back issues.. please let me know if you read the articles. I always like to hear your feedback ... I must say that my idea of the hunt is far removed from the modern aspects of hunting.. I believe in honoring the old ways, honoring the animals and their sacrifice at the hunts end, and only harvest these majestic creatures under fair chase, with ethics and integrity always in the forefront of each adventure...The pursuit of wild game with primitive equipment can be a very rewarding experience, testing your skills and endurance...we as hunters should always keep in mind conservation, and the future of the hunt while in the field.. through proper game management practices and conservation efforts we can ensure a bright future for our hunting heritage and future generations of outdoor enthusiasts... Hawk a/ho

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Thanks for sharing your stories. I LOVE the way you write. You have a gift with words, I am a huge fan.