Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mule deer..

Stalking the majestic mule deer is in my opinion, one of the most rewarding and fun hunting endeavors anyone could undertake. The Mule deer are a very diverse and wary animal, their ability to live in the high country as well as the plains and fertile river bottoms gives the hunter a wide range of hunting possibilities..My personal preference for hunting these ungulates is the spot and stalk method. Spotting a mule deer is no easy task, they have a natural camouflage and usually bed in terrain which hides them perfectly. For anyone wishing to hunt mule deer, our great state of Wyoming is probably the best bet for an opportunity with a bow. So put on your stalking shoes, brace your bow, and enter into the world of these big eared warriors. The hunt will be hard, the terrain even harder, but the memories and adventures obtained will far outweigh any hardship.. Hawk a/ho

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Anonymous said...

I love watching these big eared animals when they run.. Bounce, bounce.. Thanks for sharing!