Monday, March 24, 2008


Here in Wyoming and throughout the west, controversy surrounds the introduction of the wolf and it's subsequent population increase. As a hunter, conservationist and all around nature lover.. I have my own opinions regarding the wolf and the role it plays in this ecosystem. There is no doubt the impact the wolf has had on the elk , moose and deer herds in our great state. The wolf has thrived and their numbers have increased to the point where conflict with ranchers and sportsmen are inevitable. Thousands of elk fall prey to the canine hunters each year. Making it necessary for sportsmen to make a choice between regulating the wolf numbers or giving up our right to hunt...through the efforts of ranches , sportsmen and the Wyoming game and fish, Wolves will now be harvested outside of their protected areas allowing ranchers the opportunity to finally defend their livestock from predation. Although controversy surrounds this subject, be assured the wild wolf will continue to hunt the wilderness areas, and inhabit the high country where they can be just that, WILD wolves. I long to hear the howl of the wild wolf while hunting some high lonesome ridge, but can rest easy knowing the wolves who stray from these wild lands into the domain of honest hardworking people and prey on their livestock and livelihood will be eliminated from the gene pool. Teaching the next generation of canine hunters to prey on wild prey and helping to ensure the survival of wolf , rancher and our hunting heritage.

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You have done well in describing the dilemma facing the wolf controversy.Nice job!!