Monday, March 17, 2008


Throughout our lives we have all learned through the teachings of others. For me the learning process has always been slow and tedious. Alot of stubborness, combined with a learning disorder called, even more stubbornness, has made it hard for those stricken with the task of teaching me anything. Luckily for me when it came to learning about the outdoors and especially anything archery related I have always been a more than willing student. My father was and still is not only my mentor but one of the first teachers who helped to form me into the hunter and outdoor enthusiast I have become. His sacred approach to hunting and wilderness skills, has remained the cornerstone to my hunting heritage and beliefs as a now veteran bow hunter. Through patient example he helped to teach me that each time we enter the woods we are hunters, not killers or destroyers of nature, but rather part of the great circle and should always remain vigilant of our responsibility to our prey and the sacred order of things. Throughout my life I have learned from many others, my Uncle Dancing Bear who taught me that my strenghts are sometimes my weaknesses, my good friend Wolf Watcher, who taught me humility and respect and my wife Stacey and our children taught me about love, devotion, and the role we all play in this circle of life.....My mom who taught me what it meant to be family, and my brothers and sisters who tested my patience and who barely survived my stalking and hunting skills. I have learned from many people throughout my life, but I do not blame them for the outcome. As a father I now realize the dedication and persistence required to raise a child to adulthood and hope I can achieve even a portion of what my parents did in their raising. Life is a lot like the high country, ever changing, beautiful beyond compare, and the time spent never seems long enough. So I want to say thanks for the lessons learned, the skills acquired and the moments cherished by those who have taken the time to "Teach" me.... Hawk, A/ Ho


Stacey Huston said...

Great writing as usual honey. Thanks for your kind words.You are the best husband and father anyone could ever ask for. You make me very proud.
miye wowasrelaka niye
ska ptanj

Anonymous said...

You are an incredible person and I have been blessed to have watched you grow up and be the man you are today.I am so proud of you,Stacey and the boys and to have all of you as part of my life and family! All my love, Pam

Anonymous said...

Hi,Very deep words brother! Cromm