Saturday, November 8, 2008


Recently my wife suffered the loss of her grandma, she was elderly and had been in bad health for a while before she left us for the better place. This tragedy got me to thinking about my own life, would I be able to face the inevitable outcome of life with dignity and honor or would I be scared in the final moments. I guess I will find out when the creator comes calling and see how well I fare at that time. I am sure I would be missed by those who love me and hope that somehow maybe I will leave my small mark upon this earth through my deeds, good and bad, for all who may recall my life lived. Certainly I will have no regrets, I have already lived a full life even at my young age and would never regret any of the times spent making this life one truly lived. I wonder how many fellow human beings can say they would gladly die today if need be and feel like they have been blessed with time already spent, probably not many. Too many of us get caught up in doing what we think we need to be doing and less in the actual living of this great miracle we call life. I did not know Gramma well but what little I knew showed me a true lady, a person of integrity and morals who lived her life and lived it well, she loved those who loved her and made the most of each moment. She cherished her family above all else and always had a smile ready for those who needed it. You will be missed little lady ! Please tell the creator hello for me and that I am sorry for all my sins and those I am sure to commit before I get there. I know you are already there, because heaven was made just for angels like you… put in a good word for me if you can , and remember you were the best of us all …. LOVE HAWK..


fishing guy said...

Hawk: Beautifully written, I would expect no less from your eloquence. Keep hold of your faith and I do hope Stacey is doing well through this loss.

Stacey Huston said...

I love you dear husband, and will be home soon. Love Stacey

Marian Love Phillips said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your wife's grandmother. You and yours have my sympathy!

sky said...

Namaste' Hawk, it's been too long warrior soul! I am sorry to read Stacey's G-ma has passed on physically. I am sure being the strong woman she is, she will embrace that pain and tears, with dignity and honor.

We all like to think of how we will handle such and such...when it (in the case of physcial death) occurs. Never truly knowing until that time does visit and grace us.

I can honestly say for myself that I have a common saying to people around me
" If I died today, I know I have been blessed many times over, and am ready. I have LIVED as true to the invisible forces that have been there to helo guide me, as was possible this time around."

I guess it helps in my own belief system anyway, that we don't suffer a true death, there is spirit death if we kill that prior to our physical deaths, and even that is different from the soul's essence and life which never truly dies.

For the soul is pure, it is separate from our bodies. Our bodies being but a vessel for something even more precious and sacred for a short journey in time, whatever may be gifted and not granted to us.

I think G-ma will continue to grace your lives, and visit you often, I bet you will feel her kiss on the some of the most silent of days and nights, or some of the noisiest. She is now all around you, and so much closer than even in the physical sense.