Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Sometimes in our lives we are fortunate enough to meet people whom we can truly call our friends. These special individuals become such a part of our lives that our relationships with them are what makes our everyday lives bearable. I can count myself lucky to have a few friends that I can truly count on, those who would be there no matter the situation or the personal cost to them. Somewhere inside this circle of newfound family lays another faction of true friends, those I call my brothers. These special individuals have proven their friendship is never faltering over the years and I would gladly do anything for them and entrust my very well being to these few men if the need arose. This year I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my brothers on the hunt and even spent a week in the high lands with Stacey while hunting elk. For me the hunt is usually a personal journey in which I enter the wilderness alone and enjoy the simple pleasure of just being one with my surroundings. This year my brother Red Hawk accompanied me on the adventure as we along with Stacey hunted elk and enjoyed the wilds together. I admit I had my reservations concerning the impact of having three people on the mountain , I quickly surmised that my fears were unfounded on the very first day. Red hawk hunted exactly like me, his respect for the old ways and for the creatures who’s home we were invading quickly became apparent. Every step into the wilds allowed me to see the true nature of a fellow hunter and brother of the hunt. With every sunrise my respect for he and Stacey and their adaptation back into the wild places grew. To have the opportunity to share the hunt with such people made the adventure that much more sweet, all those years of hunting alone were just the building blocks to this newfound way of being in the wilds. I was blessed to hunt with my brother Wolf Watcher as well and was not surprised at all with his skills as not only a hunter but as a true woodsmen. My sons Tyler and Josiah rounded out the season with some excellent times spent in the outdoors hunting , fishing and exploring new territory. I still hear the call of the wild and will answer the call alone and willingly enter into the wilderness for those personal outings where I regroup and become me again. But the camaraderie felt while in the company of those whom we feel so connected is something to be truly cherished. Thanks Stacey, for the time spent out there and for being you, Ty and Josiah for listening and being patient while I tried to teach … and to my brothers for staying true to the old ways, your honor and integrity in all things you do is why I am proud to call you KOLA.. Hawk a/ho


fishing guy said...

Hawk: A powerful post and you were missed on your sabatical from blogging. I do hope you caught my interview with David and your mention. I await more stories of the hunt.

Sandy said...

It is good to see you post again.