Monday, November 10, 2008


This morning I woke up and stepped out on my front porch, there were snowflakes slowly falling in the early morning light. A small mule deer was grazing in the pasture with my horses, as I greeted the new day and said my prayers to the creator. The fresh coffee steaming in my cup refreshes me while the morning comes to life. I am thankful for this virtual Eden I am blessed to live in, for my loving wife who will return home tomorrow and for my strong boys who are getting ready for school while I sit here contemplating this day, this life and all it holds for me. Tomorrow we celebrate a great day here in our great nation, the day when we honor our veterans, those who have fallen and gave all for their country and those warriors who still stand in a place of honor among us.. For those out there still in harms way, who are keeping the dark forces at bay. I hope you return home soon and I am honored to call you all my brothers , sisters and fellow Americans. Be safe out there warriors, to those who have already fought, died or suffered for us all this is your day, this is the time when we should all take the time to honor you our VETERANS, our HEROES, our WARRIORS. We remember you every day, and are thankful for your service to this great nation, but tomorrow on the eleventh hour of the eleventh month on the eleventh day, we remember the end of a great war and the birth of a great day when a grateful nation honored it’s veterans. And great veterans honored their nation…. THANK YOU FOR MY FREEDOM …for you DAD and PAPA my veterans, my heroes, love HAWK


fishing guy said...

Hawk: Your words resonate in my head. You honored this day of remembrance so well. I also thank all our veterans for our freedom. Keep safe my friend.

Stacey Huston said...

wonderfully written, as only you could do. Thank you Hawk